Welcome to My New Website!

Welcome to my consumer-focused Real Estate website and more specifically the Blog section! I will post and discuss any and all things real estate. From market performance, statistics, graphs, and other data to less technical things such as homeowner/homebuyer tips, best practices, resources, and other helpful real estate content.

Over the last decade I have realized there is a demand for an accurate, concise, relevant, and FUN place to discuss real estate matters. There are a lot of misconceptions, myths, and just plain bad information out there. Let’s debunk them together! Guest blogs from market experts will be featured here as well. My intent is to promote overall real estate knowledge and address topics that can help as many people as possible.

I will interact and moderate here daily for the most part. Responses will always be given as soon as possible. To discuss specific matters with me personally the best forum for that will always be through my e-mail address, bret@bretwallace.com. If you would like to stay in the loop with all things real estate, subscribe and definitely come back for more. Thank you for stopping by!

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